Our New Vision


My wife and I have been exploring the world of photography for the last few years, and through those years we have discovered that through our photography, we can reflect a story, an emotion, a moment captured and freeze it in time.   A keepsake to look back on, to relive and cherish forever.


One of the most taboo emotion of life, is it’s sexuality, and most often women sexuality. We were always told that women should  not  feel sexy and flaunt it because they would be seen as unclassy and men were going to take advantage of them. On the other end of that spectrum, if a man feels sexy, he is seen as a confident and accomplished individual.


Our goal with our new project “Shamelessly Raw” is to give a voice to all the women out there that have lost their confidence or will to their sexuality. We want to take the mothers, the wives, the widows, the single ladies, in fact any woman out there and give them the opportunity to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, feel like they are desired and show them a view of themselves that they do not see anymore.


This is the opportunity to live an experience that only a photoshoot of this nature can create. The experience of being free to express the way  you feel or  want to feel. This will also leave you with images that can express those feelings that you can share with a partner or keep as a little secret that you peek at when you need a confidence boost.

You are all beautiful and strong women and you deserve this.